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Acacia Gum Powder
Organic Acacia Gum Powder

Organic Acacia Gum Powder

Acacia Gum is important to sugar glider dietAcacia gum is one of the foods they consume in the wild.  Acacia Gum contains carbohydrates and calcium which is vital to an active sugar glider.  The Acacia Gum Powder I offer is from a supplier that only supplies certified organic herbs.  I purchase in bulk and repackage the Acacia Gum into 2 ounce packages.

 I have seen Acacia Gum powder at prices as high as $3.50 for one ounce plus postage at over $8 (for a total of over $11.00 for ONE ounce).  The Acacia Gum I offer is also human grade.  In fact: My sugar gliders would not touch other acacia gum.   Even when I mixed honey or other sweetener in it!  But the Acacia Gum I offer, my own sugar gliders readily consume it even if mixed with just water.

To use: just mix with a little water till a pasty consistency then either put in a bowl for them, mix up with their fruits, or in my house we put it in little holes drilled into branches for the sugar gliders to "forage" for.  They love it!

Pure Acacia Gum Powder

Pure Acacia Gum Powder

You get 2 ounces of pure organic Acacia Gum Powder
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